Moodlepreneur Monday: How to create Email Newsletters That Sell Moodle Courses

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Moodlepreneur Monday: How to create Email Newsletters That Sell Moodle Courses
by mont blanc - Monday, 13 June 2016, 6:54 AM

Tasty Content

The core of a good email newsletter is bite-sized content for which readers have an appetite. If a newsletter lacks tasty content, people will simply unsubscribe or ignore future newsletters from you. What your potential customers will find tasty is information that is useful to them, rather than sales messages from you. Yet you do need to include some sales messages in your newsletters. A sensible and proven approach is to blend the two.

Design Like A Pro
Balance Sales Messaging
You can create and format your own newsletters by hand if you know HTML. But tools dedicated to the task make it easier. For a professional image, it’s good to have a consistent template and layout that is instantly recognizable as your own, with only the content varying. Newsletter software helps a lot with keeping things consistent, and it’s easy to use. Importantly, dedicated newsletter tools also make sure the newsletter is readable on mobile devices, which are where the majority of newsletter content is consumed. Most email software allows you to preview your newsletter in your browser as it will appear on mobile screens. Email newsletter services also track email opens and clickthroughs, which is essential to monitoring the effectiveness of your newsletter campaign.
It is good to aim for a 75%-25% split between useful content and your own marketing messages. You can write the useful content yourself in the form of brief feature articles, or curate the content from around the web. Make sure the content is useful to your target audience – something that will improve their daily lives. This willingness to be helpful, rather than salesy, is the key to effective email newsletters.